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Caspar von Glatter-Götz

We are a team of organbuilders, carpenters and artisans from various professional backgrounds, each with his or her distinctive professional characteristics.

Each of us is distinguished through his or her experience and practical expertise.

Together, we strive for excellence by combining our individual talents as craftsmen and creative artists to achieve our mutual goal.

We build pipe organs, both large and small, with delicate as well as magnificent sounds, so that others who have also learned as diligently as we have, might play especially beautiful music on them.

We build our instruments not only for churches, but also for concert halls, as well as for private living rooms or music salons. We go to great efforts to find the ideal solution for every location. 

Contact Information:
Orgelbau Glatter-Götz
Carl Benz Straße 12
D-88696 Owingen
T 0049(0)7551 915195
F 0049(0)7551 915197
E-Mail: cgg@gg-organs.com