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Pops Concert: Cletus Goens

Type: Recital--Organ Solo
Place: ‚ÄčSenate Theater 6424 Michigan Avenue Detroit, MI 48210 (Detroit, MI, United States)
Performer: Cletus Goens
Message: DTOS.Events@gmail.com
Site: http://dtos.org/

Come warm up with the sounds of movie hits, jazz standards, and more at this Pops Concert with Cletus Goens playing the 1928 Mighty Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ and piano at the Senate Theater. This concert is the first of the 2015 Wurlitzer Pops Concert Season produced by the Detroit Theater Organ Society.

CLETUS GOENS, pianist, organist, and vocalist is currently house organist at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne and Piano Specialist at Sweetwater Sound. He has also been music director of the television series, “Your Healthy Home”, regular performer at the Paramount Theatre in Anderson, Indiana, and has played Hammond organ and piano at several Midwestern restaurants and lounges.