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Stephen Tharpe

Type: Recital--Organ Solo
Place: Spivey Hall (Morrow, GA, United States)
Performer: Stephen Tharpe
Message: spiveymarketing@clayton.edu
Contact Info: Tijah Sikes
Site: http://www.spiveyhall.org/events/stephen-tharp-organ/

Pre-concert talk with Stephen Tharp and Alan Morrison – 2:00 PM

One of the great concert organists of our age with more than 1,400 concerts given worldwide, Stephen Tharp “plays as if the music were in his life-blood: musical, spacious, accurate, persuasive, convincing” (Organists’ Review). “The consummate creative artist” (Michael Barone, Pipedreams), Tharp is “authoritative, impassioned, supremely musical and technically impeccable” (The American Organist). “Brilliant. Perhaps no more need be said. Mr. Tharp nearly had his audience on its feet following his first piece” (The Console Crier, Chicago Chapter, American Guild of Organists).

“With Mr. Tharp, the magic is always there” (Bachtrack.com)