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Recital--Organ Solo
‚ÄčCannon Chapel, Emory University campus (Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Harry Wilkinson

Friends of the Wanamaker Organ recital. The program features something for just about everybody. Slated works include the lush Karg-Elert Clair de Lune, Bach’s thundering Toccata in F and tender Arioso, Robert Elmore’s meditative Pavane and playful Rhumba, Alfred Hollins’ exuberant Spring Song, Joseph Bonnet’s masterly Variations de Concert, Widor’s mighty opening movement from the Sixth Symphony, Walford Davies’ Solemn Melody, Strauss’s Emperor Waltz, Pierne’s Scherzando and Franz Listz’s mighty Prelude and Fugue on...

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