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Roman Catholic Cathedral of Timisoara, Timisoara Adventist Church, Concert Hall Capitol Timisoara, Resita Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church Arad (Timisoara, Romania)
1. Frantisek Vanicek, (Cehia), 2. Cristina Garcia Benegas, (Uruguay), 3. Sophie Poulin de Courval & Jacque Boucher, (Canada), 5. Jean-Baptiste Robin (France), 6. Paul Rosoman, (New Zeeland), 7. Ksenia Pogorelaya (Belarus), 8. Felician Rosca (Romania), 9. Gedmin Grudba, (Poland), 10. Alessandro Saraceni, (Italia), 11. Jeans Kondoerfer, (USA), 12. Shin-Ae Chun (South Korea)

Since 1991 in Timisoara under West University – Faculty of Music aegis, there have been 14 editions of the festival, which in the first years, was called Organ Music Days, then was called International Festival Organ Music Days. From the 6th edition, was named Timorgelfest. During the festival important organists they were participated as: Lehotka Gabor (Hungary), Jean Luc Salique (France), Jean-Paul Imbert (France), Carolin Schuster Fornier (France), Jean Galard( France) Horst Gehann, Franz Metz, Dieter Hubov (Germany), Dalibor Miklavicih (Slovenia), Giampaolo Di Rosa (Italie), Esteban Elizondo Iriarte (Spain), Gedmin Grudba (Poland) and others, as well as prestigious organists of Romania like: Hans Echardt Schalnd, Ursula Philippi, Felician Rosca, Erich Turch, Molnar Tunde, Steffen Schandt. Timorgelfest is the most important festival of organ music from the West of Romania. Every year, this festival is dedicated to an organ musical culture, well-defined both as value and organ performers. The Timorgelfest edition of 2014, it was dedicated to the universal ogan...

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Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania)
- 2009-09-23

ORGAN MUSIC CONTEST TIMORGELFEST 2009 Banatul Philharmonics from Timisoara, West University of Timisoara – Faculty of Music Timis County Council, Timisoara Local Council REGULATION OF CONTEMPORARY ORGAN MUSIC CONTEST TIMORGELFEST 2009 The Contemporary Organ Music Contest is organized within the Banat Organ Music Days festival, Timorgelfest 2009. The honorific Presidents of the jury are Prof. dr. Ioan TALPOŞ, Rector of the West University of Timisoara and Mr. Ioan Coriolan GÂRBONI, Director of Banatul Philharmonics from Timisoara. The two Presidents have the right to take final decisions of awarding the prizes, together with the jury. Enrollment for the contest is done by filling in the annexed application form. Prizes: 1st Prize: 1500 lei; 2nd Prize: 750 lei; 3rd Prize: 500 lei. Each participant will be issued a Participation Diploma to Timorgelfest 2009. The jury is composed by: Prof. dr. Felician ROŞCA, Prof. dr. Laszlo CSANADI, Conf. dr. Maria ABRUDAN. The jury can be modified in major cases. The decisions of the jury are public and cannot be contested in justice. The contest is organized by the Banatul Philharmonics from Timisoara and by the West University of Timisoara. Participants are organ players, regardless of nationality, who are 35 years old until September 22nd 2009. The contest instrument is the Prestige 100 organ from the West University of Timisoara Aula Magna. The first stage will take place on September 22nd 2009, starting from 9am, when the order of participants will be decided by drawing of lots; the second stage will take place on September 23rd 2009. Each participant has to present two contemporary works, out of which one must belong to the Romanian repertoire, and one major work by Johann Sebastian Bach. The cumulative duration of the two contemporary works cannot exceed 40 minutes. The contest has two stages: stage one – contemporary works; stage two – the work by Johann Sebastian...

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Timiºoara –The Faculty of Music ;Millennium Church Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania)
Domenico Cagnani, Felician Rosca, Domenico Severin, Molnar Tunde etc.
- 2005-04-20

Ever since 1991, in Timiºoara, under the aegis of The University of West of Timiºoara –The Faculty of Music, have taken place five editions of the festival that, at first, was called “The Days of the Organ Music”, later, due to international participation, changed its denomination into “The International Festival The Days of the Organ Music”. Now, at the sixth edition, the festival received the name TIMORGELFEST, having as subtitle “The Days of the Organ Music from Banat”. Ever since its first editions, the festival has polarized the interest of the people of Timisoara, owe to a remarkable participation from the following great organists: Lehotka Gabor (Professor of organ at the Academy of Music Frans Liszt, Budapest, Hungary), Jean Luc Salique (France), Horst Gehann, Franz Metz, Dieter Hubov (Germany), Dalibor Miklavcik (Slovenia), Ana Babadjan (Georgia) and also from Romanian prestigious organists like Hans Eckart Schland, Ursula Philippi, Felician Roºca and others. Each edition, the concerts held by the students at the Organ section from the Faculty of Music from Timiºoara played an important role. The edition of the festival from 2003 was honoured by the participation of students from The Academy of Music Franz Liszt from Budapest and The Academy of Music from Cluj Napoca. Thus, the students from Timiºoara and especially the audience and the teaching staff had the opportunity of becoming familiar with a very elevated organ repertory. The students from The Faculty of Music of Timiºoara benefited from a very useful exchange materialized through concerts and intensive classes with different themes: The Music of the French Romanticism, The Masterpieces of Bach, The Organ Music of the Transylvanian Baroque, The Contemporary Modern Music, The Ornaments and principles of execution and others. This sixth edition aims at widening the perspective of the place of concerts, aim that will be achieved through a series of concerts in the region of Banatul Montan (the mountain region of Banat) (Reºiþa and Caraºova). A special event will take place on April, 9th, 2005, when, along with the opening of the festival, will be inaugurated the Wegenstein organ from The Romano-Catholic Church “Millenium” of Timisoara, after thourough repairs, thanks to the Pansipp company from Odorheiu Secuiesc. A second event of great importance marks the creation of a musical work for organ of maestro Eduard Terényi at his 70th anniversary. More over, part of the festival is dedicated to a series of concerts and conferences that we hope will bring you not only the joy of the organ music but also the satisfaction of appreciating the organ music from Timiºoara as a decisive and formative element in the Eastern European music of the kind. Felician Roºca, PhD...

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