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The Abbey in the Monastery of São Bento (São Paulo, Brazil)
Ary Aguiar Jr.,John Rose,Alan Morrison,Paul Jacobs,Herndon Spillman,Stephen Tharp,John Weaver,Frederick Swann
- 2001-12-11

The VIII INTERNATIONAL SAO BENTO ORGAN FESTIVAL will be held at the Monastery of Sao Bento in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from October to December/2001. This year’s event will be dedicated to an “American Festival”. The Abbey in the Monastery of Sao Bento houses the best pipe organ in the city of São Paulo. It is a Walcker pipe organ of German construction and in an excellent conservation. The instrument has 77 stops, 4 manuals and pedalboard, with approximately 6.000 pipes. The organ new console (installed in 1997) is equipped with an electronic system of memories, organized into 2 work spaces with 99 series of 12 combinations, that is, in a total of 2.376 combinations. The console still counts on 4 programmable “crescendos”, cancel pistons for the reeds and mixtures on each manual and pedalboard, general cancel for the reed stops, 5 permanent combinations and transposer in 5...

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