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Recital--Organ Plus
St Georges Church, Jesmond (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
Marcus Davidson & Charles Matthews, Organ,

Robert Milner, Tenor, plus more

Spire is an evening of live performances that embrace historical, classical, contemporary and experimental approaches to organ music. Produced by leading arts agency forma and curated by acclaimed British record label Touch, Spire features world-class musicians, composers and artists. In Spire, international organist Charles Matthews, composer and organist Marcus Davidson and operatic tenor Robert Millner perform historical, classical and contemporary works for main organ and voice by J S Bach, Henryk Gorécki, Arvo Pärt and others.

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Recital--Organ Plus
St Georges Church, Jesmond (Newcastle, United Kingdom)
BJ Nilsen, Marcus Davidson, Charles Matthews

Organ music, past present and future. Embracing landmark classical pieces and pioneering contemporary compositions, Spire presents an evening of bold exploration into the sonic possibilities of the organ by world-class musicians and composers.

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Recital--Organ Solo
Bourges Cathedral (Bourges, France)
Charles Matthews

free concert

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