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Recital--Organ Plus
First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA, United States)
Colin Andrews/Janette Fishell Duo

Colin Andrews/Janette Fishell Duo Organ Concert on the duo consoles of First Congregational Church. Note: This duo console concert is only rarely done because of the complexities involved in co-ordinating between the two consoles. Not to detract from the artist, but because of the unusual nature of this concert, I would like to make a brief comment about the instrument. The present renovations of the Great organs of First Church make them collectively one of the largest musical instruments ever built, and one of the largest and most complete organs in any church in the world. This renovation is the latest in the instrument’s history, which began in the early 1930s when the chancel organ was built for the sanctuary of the present building by Earnest M. Skinner, one of the foremost organ builders of his day. In 1969 a new and larger instrument was built in the rear gallery by the Schlicker organ Company, who also constructed an Italian-style continuo organ located above the south choir. There are newer additions in the Holzgraff Trumpets and additional pipes located in specially built boxes in the upper balconies on either side of the chancel. All the organs can be played from either or both of the two consoles, one in the cnancel, the other in the rear gallery. Our artists for this concert are Janette Fishell and Colin Andrews, a duo that has gained renown for their wonderful combined artistry. Both have played extensively here in the United States and across Europe. If you can’t make any other concert this year, make this one an absolute must...

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Recital--Organ Solo
Great Philhamonic Hall (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Colin Andrews and Janet Fishell (USA).

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