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Recital--Organ Solo
Cathedral (Leeds, United Kingdom)
David Saint (St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham)

Music by Bach, Howells & Alain

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8 churches (Åland, Finland)
André Mielewczyk, Silvano Rodi, Roman Perucki, Jean-Christophe Geiser, Hördur Áskelsson, Hampus Lindwall, David Saint, Jean-Pierre Leguay, Karol Golebiowski, Zygmunt Strzep, Henryk Gwardak
- 2005-07-03

André Mielewczyk (Germany), Silvano Rodi (Italy), Roman Perucki (Poland), Jean-Christophe Geiser (Switzerland), Hördur Áskelsson (Iceland), Hampus Lindwall (Sweden), David Saint (England), Jean-Pierre Leguay (France), Karol Golebiowski (Belgium), Zygmunt Strzep (Germany), Henryk Gwardak (Aland Islands). The Åland Organ Festival is an institution on Ålands music scene. The guest artists that come from different countries, are to perform exciting organ music in several of the Åland churches – not just on the main island but also out in the Åland archipelago.

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Recital--Organ Solo
St.George (Cullercoats, United Kingdom)
David Saint

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