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Organ Academy
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre,Notre-Dame-la-Grande,Sainte-Radegond (POITIERS)
Teachers: Dominique Ferran, Olivier Houette, Jean-Baptiste Robin
- 2009-08-28

Organs Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Notre-Dame-la-Grande Sainte-Radegonde The Summer Academy for organists is intended for organists who wish to study aspects of organ literature in greater details. Courses will be given by the following three teachers on three different styles of organs: ■ Classical french organ in Cathedral Saint-Pierre (the famous François-Henri Clicquot instrument, 1791, IV/44); ■ Neo-baroque organ in Notre-Dame-la-Grande (Yves Sévère, 1996, III/33); ■ Romantic and neo-classical organ in Sainte-Radegonde (J.-L. Boisseau/B. Cattiaux, 1997, IV/56). Courses (in English and French) will be given on french organ music from classical period to today and on german baroque and romantic music. Courses schedule Study organs: In addition to the 3 organs for courses, the organs in the CRR, Saint-Hilaire church (Wenner, 30/III) and Saint-Jean de Montierneuf church (Merklin, 16/ II) will also be available for rehearsals. Workshops: with the organ builder Jean-Loup Boisseau will take place in the cathedral and Sainte-Radegonde on Wednesday afternoon 27th August. Harpsichord courses will be also possible with Olivier Houette and Dominique Ferran and improvisation courses with Jean-Baptiste Robin. Concerts: a concert will be given by the 3 teachers on Wednesday evening in Notre-Dame and a concert will be given by students on Friday 27st August. Organisation of courses: From 24th to 28st August, 3 groups made up of students will have each day courses from 10 to 12am, 2.30 to 4.30pm and 5 to 7pm. These 3 courses will be on 3 differents organs. A meeting at 9 am in the cathedral will take place on Monday for the beginning of the...

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Recital--Organ Plus
Lyon, France
Dominique Ferran

Ensemble Stradivaria , Dominique Ferran, orgue

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