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Recital--Organ Solo
Church of the Epiphany (Roman Catholic) (Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
James Noakes, Charles Heaton, Andrew Scanlon, Joseph Nolan, Roger Zahab, Alan Lewis
- 2007-11-04

James Noakes (May 4) Charles Heaton (May 20) Andrew Scanlon(June 9) Joseph Nolan (Sept 7) Roger Zahab (Pitt Orchestra-Oct 26) Alan Lewis (Nov 4) 6 Concerts to celebrate the rebuilt 1907 Austin Organ by Luley and Associates. Expanded to 36 ranks in marvelous acoustics. James Noakes, Organist and Master of the Choristers to open May 4 with works of Buxtehude, Bach, Scarlatti, Czerny,Cook, Gigault, and Langlais.

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Recital--Organ Solo
Newcastle Cathedral (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
Joseph Nolan

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