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St. Casimir Church (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Martin Sander (Germany)
- 2006-08-25

International Master Classes “Organ Summer Academy 2006” will take place in August 22 – 25 in Vilnius. The course will be guided by outstanding German organist, professor of the Heidelberg and Frankfurt high music schools Martin Sander this year. The interests’ field of the invited professor is rather big, but his greatest sympathies link to the organ music of North German Baroque, Italian Renaissance and Early Baroque and also to the music of German Romanticism. During the coming sessions of the “Organ Summer Academy” Prof. Martin Sander should make the participants acquainted with the up-to-date interpretation tendencies of the German romantic music. Discussed pieces: organ compositions of J.Brahms, F.Liszt, F.Mendelssohn, M.Reger, J.Reubke, J.Rheinberger,...

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churches in the region of Basse Navvare (Baskenland) (ST ETIENNE DE BAÏGORRY)
Bernard FOCCROULLE, Oscar CANDENDO, Benjamin ALARD, Rudolf LUTZ, Martin SANDER
- 2006-08-10

A Festival of ancient music, around the organ of St Etienne de Baïgorry (Baskenald, Rémy Mahler 1999). To discover the basque culture and heritage (conferences, exhibitions, guided tours, and… tastings!) and to enjoy concerts with great musicians, choirs and baroque orchestras. Welcome in baskenland!!

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Recital--Organ Solo
St. Paul's Church (Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Martin Sander

Bach Festival of Philadelphia. The most recent winner of the J. S. Bach Organ Competition in Leipzig, Germany performs organ works of Bach and others

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