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Lord & Taylor (formerly Wanamaker's) (Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Peter Conte and Rudy Lucente

Wanamaker Grand Closing Concert with Peter Conte, Rudy Lucente, The Friends of the Wanamaker Organ Massed Festival Chorus and a full Brass and Percussion ensemble–a sonic spectacular!

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Recital--Organ Solo
Wanamaker Organ (Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Peter Conte;
Ken Cowan;
John Giacchi;
Rudy Lucente


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Recital--Organ Plus
Kirk of Dunedin Community Church (Dunedin, FL, United States)
Peter Richard Conte; Colin Howland; Michael Stairs; Rudy Lucente

World famous Quartet of world famous organists, perform on FOUR organs – the 4/100 Kirk Pipe Organ and three custom Allen Renaissance Organs. Third annual appearance!

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