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Sabin Levi

Sabin Levi (D.M.A. in organ and D.M.A. in composition, M.M.(organ), M.M.(composition), B.Mus.(organ) B.Mus.(composition), AAGO, FAGO, Carillonneur Player Certificate) is a composer, organist, carillonneur, and teacher. He was born in Bulgaria and has studied music in Bulgaria, Israel, France and in the US. He was a first prize winner of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Competition (as an organist, 1991-1992 and 1993-1994), a second prize winner of the Mayhew Composition Competition (1998), and a first prize winner of the Anthony B. Cius Composition Competition (2205). He have published some of his compositions by a number of publishers in Bulgaria, Israel and the US. Sabin Levi has concertized as a pianist, composer, organist and carillonneur in Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Israel, France and the US.

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